How to Play Roblox On Laptop Without Mouse


Hello Folks!!! Here we are back with another important and informative topic for you. Yes, today we are going to teach you how to play Roblox On Laptop Without Mouse. If you are also a regular Roblox Player or you also love Roblox then this article is for you. In this, we are also going to tell you how to play Roblox on a laptop for beginners. If you are looking the doubt about how to play Roblox on Laptop with or without a mouse, then also we are going to discuss all these in our today’s topic. We are going to guide you through everything related to playing Roblox Game without using Mouse, We are definitely going to give you alternate controls for this. So, if you are also interested in Roblox and you are also looking for playing Roblox without using mouse controls or just by using the Keyboard then you are requested to read the complete article below.

What is Roblox?

So, before we start; we wanted to introduce you to a brief description of this Roblox is one of the most famous and trending games on the internet. There are more than 200 million active players on the Roblox Gaming Platform. Roblox is way more similar to Minecraft but Roblox is free to play and you can modify the game and in-game controls. The game was totally designed and developed by the Roblox Corporation. This game was launched approx. Two decades ago but still the game is so much popular among the players.

The Game was originally designed in 2004 but it was published in 2006. This is an online game where you can play and create your own world. This game is totally free to play and both the creators and players used to play this Roblox Game. This game supports multi-device platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In recent years, this Roblox Game has gained so much of popularity. During the pandemic, the Game gained more than 100 million players and lots of creators got into the development of the game. As you can create almost anything in this game. The game is also known as the Game with an unlimited number of possibilities.

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Roblox Hardware Limitations

If you have ever played this Roblox Game on your Mobile or PC device then you might be aware of the Roblox Game controls. If you are a specialized Roblox Player on your PC or Laptop then you must have known about the Gaming Controls of the Game.

Players who play Roblox on their Laptops or PC then you might know that it is very important to control your character in the game with the help of a mouse. However, there are ways by which you can control the game without a mouse.

This article is going to help players who especially play this Roblox Game on their laptops, as you people know that playing the Roblox Game with Laptop Trackpads. Trackpads may affect the overall gameplay experience of the Roblox Game.

However, there are ways or controls in the game by which you can really control your characters in the Roblox Game. Today we are going to tell you everything about how you can easily control your Roblox Gameplay and the movements in the game using Keyboard Controls. So, if you also wanted to know about it then you need to go through the below controls carefully.

Roblox Basic Mechanics

So, before we brief you about the Keyboard controls and setup. It is very important for you to know about the basic mechanic or the basic control options of the Roblox game in the Laptop or PC version. As you know that with the help of a Mouse and trackpad in the game you can control your Character’s Vision. You can also control your Character’s forward and backward movements. Movement controls of the Character in the game with the help of mouse controls also include vision control while riding vehicles or the bikes on the Roblox Game.

Roblox Keyboard Shortcuts

Now, talking about the Keyboard Shortcuts of the Roblox Game, which you can use this while using the Keyboard controls in the Game. If you are also looking for the way or you also want to know How to play Roblox without Mouse controls then you can use the given controls to move Your Character in the game.

The left and Right Arrow Keys on the Keyboard are used for moving the character in the Left or in the right direction. Other alternate keys for the horizontal movements of your Character are the A and D keys. You can also use these keys for moving your character in the right and left directions.

Now, coming to the vertical movements of the character in the game, it is also simple and you can easily and simply move the camera vision of the characters using the PageUp and PageDown keys on the Keyboard.

While using or accessing the Vertical camera movements of the character in the game, make sure that you have turned on the Num Lock functionality on the keyboard. The Num Lock button is always present in the Top Key row of any keyboard.

Roblox Zooming In and Out Controls

As in the above, we had already briefed you about the motion controls of the Roblox game without using a mouse. So, now we are here going to brief you about the Zooming In and Zooming Out Controls of the Roblox Game with the help of Keyboard controls.

Firstly. The zooming feature allows users to control the viewing angle or you can say a close look at your Character’s design in the Game. If you use a mouse or trackpad to control this, then you can do this by swiping up and down or using the scroll wheel.

But, if you are relying on the Keyboards for the Zooming in and Zooming Out Controls then you need to enable and use the I and O keys from the Keyboards for this.

Roblox Menu Navigation Controls

Now talking about the Navigation in the Roblox Game, you need to know that Roblox enables many Menu customizations in the menu navigation for the players. If you are a regular Roblox Player, then you can easily control the Menu with the help of the Mouse Cursor.

But, In case you want to use your Keyboard for the Menu Navigation Control in the Game. Then you can use the Arrow Control Keys and the Enter and the ESC keys to select the options and controls in the Roblox Menu Navigation.

Can I Play Roblox On a Touchscreen Laptop?

Yes, you can definitely play the Roblox on your Touchscreen Laptop. This actually confines your gameplay and you can experience the most in your Touchscreen laptops. Presently, there are so many laptops in the market which are actually touchscreens like HP Pavillion x360, Lenovo Yoga Series and Dell XPS.

If you want to experience the Roblox Game on your Touchscreen Laptop then you can surely play the Roblox Game. This will actually give you controls and features like an Android Tablet. You can get the most Control of your Character through the Touch Cursor Control of your Laptop.

How Do you Move Around in Roblox?

Now, coming to the most asked question about the moving controls of the game. Most People Got confused among the character movements in the game. So, you need not worry about this because you can easily control your Game Character with the help of Keyboard keys. By default, it is set as W, A, S, and D keys. With the help of these Keys, you can operate your Character in the game. This also allows you to make your character travel from one place to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to play Roblox on PC?

If you are also interested in playing Roblox Game on your PC and Laptop then you can download the Roblox Player exe file from our website.

Can I Play Roblox on my laptop using a Gamepad?

Yeah, you can definitely play the Roblox Game on your Laptop using a Gamepad, you only need to connect the Gamepad to your PC/laptop thereafter you need to map the Controls.

What is the best Keyboard for playing Roblox on PC?

If you are a Roblox player and you want to master your keyboard playing skills then you can opt for any Mechanical Gaming Keyboard available on the Market.


In the above, we had given you complete information about How to Play Roblox On Laptop without Mouse. If you are also playing Roblox on your Mobile or Laptop, and now want to play the game using your Keyboard then you must read the above article completely. We had briefed you about How to Play Roblox On Laptop without Mouse. Not just this only, we had also provided you with complete Keyboard Gaming Controls of the Roblox. We hope that this article will be helpful for you. For More informative and technical topics related content, Keep following us on our official website.

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