How to Lock and Unlock Laptop Keyboard- Easy Ways to Keep Your PC Secure


Hello Folks!! Today we are back again with another informative and helpful article for you. Here, we are going to tell you about How to Lock and Unlock Laptop Keyboard. If you are also looking for how to lock the keyboard in Windows 11 or even in windows 10 then you are at the right place. So, if you are also interested in knowing about the Locking and Unlocking of your Laptop Keyboard then you are requested to read the complete article below. We are going to provide you with easy ways to keep your PC Secure.

What is Laptop Keyboard Locking and Unlocking?

If you are a Laptop User then there are many times when you feel your Keyboard is Useless, especially if you are using a convertible laptop. There are times on your Laptop when you attend online meetings, watch movies or even if you left your laptop idle and want to protect your laptop from strangers’ access or you want to protect your Laptop from kids’ access then you need to read the complete article below.

So, if you want to prevent your Laptop from the above-mentioned reasons and you also wanted to instantly lock and unlock your Laptop’s keyboard to avoid such disturbances and protect your Laptop then you are at the right place. Today, we are going to give you two pieces of software for this purpose. We are also going to tell you how you can easily use this software.

How to lock and unlock your Laptop Keyboard?

As we had told you in the above, about the Locking and unlocking of the Laptop Keyboard then you might be thinking of using this feature. Today, we are going to provide you with the best of the Keyboard Locking and Unlocking Software. With the help of this software, you can actually lock your laptop Keyboard and prevent it from unwanted clicks. The Software are as-

  • KeyFreeze
  • Kid Key Lock

You can use the above-given tools or software to lock and unlock the Keyboard. You can use these Software to lock your Laptop Keyboard and prevent unwanted access to your Laptop. If you want to prevent your laptop from kids then also you can use the above-given software. If you work in a workplace or in an office and you want to protect your laptop from unwanted access then also you can consider using the above-given tools.

Locking and Unlocking Your Keyboard by using KeyFreeze

As we had mentioned in above about the KeyFreeze Application; this is a freeware software or tool used for the Keyboard Locking purposes. If you ware are also interested in Keyboard Locking then you can definitely use this feature. This is even the best application for the Keyboard Locking purposes.

You only need to download this KeyFreeze application from the link provided and you need to install this application on your PC or Laptop, the installation process of this application is also simple as easy. You can download the KeyFreeze Application from the link given below.

Link— Download

After installing the KeyFreeze Application you will need to follow the steps as we are guiding you in the article.

Step 1- After the completion of the installation, you will see the below popup on your screen whenever you run the KeyFreeze Application on your PC/Laptop.

Step 2- Now, you need to choose which says “Lock Keyboard & Mouse”, and it will take 5 seconds to lock your Keyboard and Mouse Controls.

Step 3- Now, if you want to unlock your Keyboard and Mouse then you need to press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at a time and after this Press, ESC Key on your Keyboard and the Controls will be restored to normal.

However, if you are unable to find your Application or KeyFreeze App on your Desktop then you need to add the Application to your desktop and Start or either in the taskbar from the App Tray.

Locking and Unlocking Your Keyboard Using the Kid Key Lock Application

Now coming to the second software, which is Kid Key Locker; this software is specially designed for the purpose of preventing laptop Keyboard access from kids. But you can also use this tool for your Safety purpose. You can also use this tool while you clean your Laptop Keyboard also.

This Kid Key Locker offers selective locking of your input devices such as mouse and keyboard individually. So, this application is much more customizable and advanced than the previous one.

There are two ways by which you can use this Kid Key Locker Application on your PC, which are as-

Method 1- By Locking the desired input method by simply setting up the password in the Kid Key Locker Application.

Method 2- By accessing the Kid Key Locker Application from the taskbar of the desktop. You can access all the options of the applications directly from the taskbar itself as shown in the image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best application for locking the keyboard?

If you want customization and functionalities in your Keyboard Locking Application then you can prefer the Kid Key Locker application.

Can I Lock my HP  Laptop Keyboard?

Yes, you can surely lock your HP laptop Keyboard with the help of the applications provided in today’s article. You can also perform keyboard cleaning while locking the keyboard.

How can I Download the KeyFreeze Application?

You can easily download and install the KeyFreeze Application from the link given as


In the above, we had given you complete information about How to Lock and Unlock Laptop Keyboard. If you are also using your laptop and feel that sometimes you need to lock your keyboard for avoiding disturbances and to ensure the safety of your Keyboard then you must read the above article completely. We had briefed you about How to Lock and Unlock Laptop Keyboard. Not just this only, we had also provided you with the complete guide to locking and Unlocking Laptop Keyboard. We hope that this article will be helpful for you. For More informative and technical topics related content, Keep following us on our official website.

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